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DeWALT DW920K -2 7.2-VOLT Heavy Duty Cordless Screwdriver KIT- 1 PIECE LEFT

DeWALT DW920K -2 7.2-VOLT Heavy Duty Cordless Screwdriver KIT- 1 PIECE LEFT



Siemens Gigaset S45 DECT 6.0 Digital Cordless Phone Extension Handset

Siemens Gigaset S45 DECT 6.0 Digital Cordless Phone Extension Handset
Manufacturer's Code:S45

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The Gigaset S45 combines modern communication and highest-level comfort with pure simplicity. Speed dialing, directory transfer and a fully duplex handsfree function - whatever the feature, they all meet the very highest standards of classic convenience. When you expand your Gigaset basestation with more handsets, such as the Gigaset S45, you can place them in several rooms of your apartment - the end of having to run around the house to get a call. For use in conjunction with the SIE-S450, SIE-S455, or SIE-E450.


  • The classic handset with extra convenience
  • Illuminated color display with icon-based menu
  • Handsfree talking with superior sound quality


  • Enhanced handsfree talking with superior sound quality
  • Illuminated color display with icon-based menu
  • Automatic dialing of operator prefix
  • Room monitoring
  • SMS with up to 640 characters*
  • Caller list for 30 entries
  • Polyphonic ringer melodies
Front features  
Display 6 line graphical handset display, (128x128 pixel, 4096 colors)
Illuminated display yes
Screensaver yes
Operations controlled via menu
Navigation key yes
Illuminated keypad yes
LED signalling yes
Field strength displayed yes
Charging status displayed yes
Date and time displayed yes
Call charge or call duration per call displayed yes
IP Features  
VoIP Protocol  
VoIP Profiles  
VoIP Lines  
Quality of Service  
VoIP Setup  
Special Features  
Handsfree talking yes
Caller announcement by voice no
Baby phone / room monitoring yes
Ringer melodies 5 polyphonic sounds
Alarm call and date reminder  
Vibracall no
Open listening at basestation  
Wall mountable  
Multilingual menu 19 languages (partly available)
Phonebook transfer  
Dialing features  
Dual Mode  
Voice dialing no
Redialing function last 20 different dialling numbers
Phone directory up to 150 numbers and names with birthday notification; VIP entries with specific melody
Pre-dialing yes, with correction facility
Automatic redialing no
Pre-selection of Netprovider yes, automatic
Call list with timestamp and dialling facility yes
SMS functionality  
Transmission with up to 640 characters (provider dependent)
Personalized SMS Inbox up to 3 (provider dependent)
Transmission of e-mails via SMS (provider dependent)
List with Emoticons available  
Easy Text-Input-Method yes
Download no
E-Mail and Messaging  
Directaccess to answering machine via separate key  
Features with more than 1 handset  
Walkie-Talkie mode with 2nd handset no
simultaneous calls (conferencing) yes (1 external / 2 internal)
Transfer of external calls to another handset with prior consultation call or recall
Phonebook transfer between handsets yes
Technical specifications  
Handset extension up to 6 handsets
Weight of the handset incl. battery 125 g
Standby time 170 h
Talk time 13 h
Battery system NiMH batteries (AAA)
Range indoor 50 m
Range outdoor 300 m
Dimensions Handset (L x W x D) in mm 144 x 52 x 27
Available colours Titanium (light silver), Platinum (dark silver)



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