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DMI Sports DMI 6' Goal Flex Air Hockey Table

DMI Sports DMI 6' Goal Flex Air Hockey Table



Lorex DVM2400 4-Port Video Grabber

Lorex DVM2400 4-Port Video Grabber
Manufacturer's Code:DVM2400

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Enjoy Peace of Mind protection with the LOREX Digital Video Monitoring system. The Microsoft certified USB video grabber and web ready software (included with the LOREX Digital Video system) turns any PC into an effective video security solution.

View, setup and configure video images from a remote location over the internet. When the alarm feature is activated, the system will automatically dial the telephone number or pager number which you have selected or simply send a text email message. The LOREX DIGITAL VIDEO MONITORING system is anaffordable and effective solution for monitoring and protecting any business or home.


  • 4 Channel DVR-External USB and software
  • Local and remote viewing and control
  • Quad/full screen and sequencing
  • Alarm, event and motion detection
  • Digital freeze and zoom
  • External alarm input/output
  • Supports dynamic IP
  • USB Plug & Play
  • Automatic notification of software updates
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP Certified

System includes: Video Grabber DVM application software. PC or Laptop required. Not included.


  • Protect your home, office or business
  • Be better prepared to respond to emergencies
  • Verify alarm calls from your security monitoring company
  • Confirm your business is secure when closed
  • Turn lights or appliances on/off from any remotelocation (X-10 accessories sold separately)
  • Record video evidence in the event of a crime
  • Monitor customer traffic
  • Video audit of business transactions

System Requirements:

  • Pentium III or higher
  • Microsoft Windows XP/2000 operating system
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 128MB Minimum, 256MB Recommended
  •  800 x 600 VGA color display or better
  • 40 Mb hard disk space - for application
  • Broadband (high speed) Internet required (DSL or cable modem)
  • Dedicated IP address required to broadcast video over the internet


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