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DeWALT DW920K -2 7.2-VOLT Heavy Duty Cordless Screwdriver KIT- 1 PIECE LEFT

DeWALT DW920K -2 7.2-VOLT Heavy Duty Cordless Screwdriver KIT- 1 PIECE LEFT



DVDO iScan VP50 High Definition Video Processor

DVDO iScan VP50 High Definition Video Processor
Manufacturer's Code:VP50

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The DVDO® iScan VP50 is a high-definition video processor and A/V hub that converts standard definition, high definition (including 1080p) and PC signals from your DVD player, HD-DVD player, Blu-ray Disc player, HD DVR, game console or PC to any output resolution between VGA and 1080p, including popular HDTV resolutions such as 720p and 1080i.

The VP50 serves as your complete A/V hub, providing audio/video switching that simultaneously eliminates A/V lipsync and allows a one wire connection to display for all of your video needs.

Return Policy: Due to vendor policy we are unable to accept returns on this product unless it is defective within 15 business days for exchange of same item only.


VRS Precision Deinterlacing technology
480i/576i/1080i 10-bit Motion, Edge & Source-Adaptive Deinterlacer

  • Five-field motion adaptive deinterlacing
  • Edge adaptive processing for smooth diagonal edges
  • Three frame video processing delay (Max)
  • Game Modes with very low latency
  • Sub-1 frame delay with edge adaptive processing
  • 2 frame delay with edge and motion adaptive processing

VRS Precision Video Scaling II™ technology
10-bit Scaling with Enhanced Sharpness Control

Precision Gamma Correction™
Individual R/G/B Adjustments (0.5-2.5)

Precision AV LipSync™
intelligent digital audio delay technology to match Audio & Video timing

High-Performance Framerate Conversion

Intelligent Component Video Inputs with Automatic Video Format Routing

Automatic Chroma Upsampling Error detection & correction

  • Analog HD Transcoding and Processing
  • 4 HDMI inputs which process up to 1080p-50/60 input signals
  • Flexible Input and Output Aspect Ratio Controls

Display Profiles

  • For multiple display, framerate, and image shift configurations (10)
  • 10-bit, 300 MHz Instrumentation Quality DACs (2x Oversampling for 1080p)
  • Full-frame Timebase Correction
  • High performance, multi-standard video decoder (10-bit: 480i/576i; 12-bit: 480p/576p/720p/1080i)
  • High-quality super-adaptive comb filter with 2D Y/C separation
  • Flexible Digital and Analog Audio switching and routing - 4 HDMI audio/video inputs, 5 assignable audio inputs (4 digital, 1 analog) with 1 HDMI audio/video output and 2 active digital audio outputs.
  • Software Upgradeable



Input Aspect Ratio Controls

  • Presets: 4:3 full frame, 4:3 letterbox, Panorama, 16:9 full frame or user defined aspect ratio (10)
  • Flexible Horizontal and Vertical Zooming (up to 2x) & Panning Controls
  • Overscan Adjustment per input

Output Aspect Ratio Controls

  • Presets: 4:3, 16:9, 2.35:1, or custom aspect ratio
  • Separate Display/Screen Adjustments
  • Underscan Adjustment to address Overscan inherent in a display

Picture Controls

  • Fully programmable controls with non-volatile memories per input and input resolution
  • Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, Sharpness, and Fine Y/C Delay


  • Intuitive On Screen Display and easy to read 2 line, 20 character Front Panel Display
  • Front Panel Controls, including IR Remote Control (discrete codes available), Automation via RS232 port

Output Controls

  • Output Resolution, Sync Type, Colorspace (RGB or YPbPr/YCbCr), Frame Lock, Gamma (R/G/B and up to 1024 point Gamma individual RGB correction), Display Profiles (10)

35 Built-in test patterns and VRS Optimization & Evaluation DVD included for optimal setup

Software Upgradeable via Serial Port (USB-to-Serial Adapter included)


  • Universal AC mains input: 100 - 240 VAC @ 50 - 60 Hz
  • Consumption < 45W
  • Sleep mode - automatic 30 second timeout indicated by power LED turning off
Physical Dimensions
  • 10.4"x17"x2.2" (26.3cmx43.4cmx5.5cm) with feet
  • 10.4"x17"x1.8" (26.3cmx43.4cmx4.6cm) without feet
  • Standard 19" 1U 1.75" Rackmount - Optional
  • Shipping - 10.5 lb (4.8 kg)
  • Unit without Power Supply - 6.4 lb (2.9 kg)


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