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First Alert SA521CN-3ST - Smoke Alarm with Photoelectric Smoke Sensing Technology- 7 PIECES LEFT

First Alert SA521CN-3ST - Smoke Alarm with Photoelectric Smoke Sensing Technology- 7 PIECES LEFT



Denon CDR-W1500 Dual Drive CD-R & CD-RW Recorder

Denon CDR-W1500 Dual Drive CD-R & CD-RW Recorder
Manufacturer's Code:CDRW1500

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Drive 1: CD & HDCD playback, Drive 2: CD-R/CD-RW Recorder; CD playback, HDCD decoding (via Drive 1), 24 bit A/D conversion (drive 2), 24 bit Analog Devices D/A converters (drive 1)

This product is brand new and factory fresh.

Denon has chosen only a select few to be an authorized internet dealer for their products. Abe's of Maine is not an authorized dealer for Denon products and as such, Denon may choose not to honor the warranty included in the package. Abe's of Maine offers Denon products at a substantial savings as compared to our authorized dealer competitors .Please consider the purchase of a discounted extended warranty to ensure service.

. Drive 1: CD & HDCD playback
. Drive 2: CD-R/CD-RW Recorder; CD playback 
. HDCD decoding (via Drive 1) 
. 24 bit A/D conversion (drive 2) 
. 24 bit Analog Devices D/A converters (drive 1) 
. Digital sampling frequency converter (32 kHz, 48 kHz digital inputs converted to 44.1 kHz CD sampling frequency) 
. 44.1 kHz Direct Digital Dubbing (HDCD dubbing compatible) 
. Optimum Power Calibration 
. 2 sets analog outputs 
. Coaxial digital input X 1 
. Coaxial digital outputs X 2 
. Optical digital input X 1 
. Optical digital outputs X 2 
. 2X Dubbing Speed 
. Dual Playback Mode (both drives play at the same time) 
. Relay Playback Mode 
. CD Text & Titling compatible
. Synchronized Recording 
. Dimensions: 17.1"w x 4.0"h x 13.0"d 


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