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Pyramid 4071WP 250W Marine Box Speaker (Pair)

Pyramid 4071WP 250W Marine Box Speaker (Pair)



Escort ZR3 Shifter Laser (LIDAR) Defense System

Escort ZR3 Shifter Laser (LIDAR) Defense System
Manufacturer's Code:ZR3

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The new Shifter ZR3 from Escort provides the ultimate in defense against laser traffic detection - even beyond the capabilities of traditional dash-mounted radar/laser detectors. The Shifter ZR3 is designed to "shift" the return reflection emitted from a traffic laser device. This shifted laser signal is unreadable to the laser gun, so your speed cannot be measured. Complete set includes dual front laser transceivers, rear laser transceiver, and a compact display unit that can be mounted below, above, beside, in within your dash. There's even a tiny remote mute button for complete stealth protection and a clean OEM appearance. Designed as a stand-alone system, the Shifter ZR3 can also be used in conjunction with a high-performance radar/laser detector, such as the Passport. The ZR3 even includes a "link" cable to integrate the laser shifter with your Passport 8500.


  • Front and Rear Mounted Laser Transceivers
  • Plug-in Installation using Modular Connections
  • Front and Rear Indication
  • Automatic Brightness Control
  • Remote Mute / Manual "Receive Only Mode"
  • Self-Diagnostics with Error Indication
  • Shift+Link compatible with 8500, S2, 7500S & SR7
  • One year limited warranty
  • Comes Fully Equipped

Operating Band: Laser 904nm, 33 MHz Bandwidth

Laser Detection:

  • Quantum Limited Video Receiver

  • Multiple Laser Sensor Diodes (6F, 3R)

Display Type:

  • Hi-visible LED indicators

  • Automatic Brightness Control

Laser Transmitter: Multiple Laser-Shifting Diodes (16F, 8R)

Power Requirement:12VDC, Negative Ground

Dimensions (inches):

  • Display Controller: 4.2 x 1.4 x .55

  • Front Laser Transceivers: 4.65 x 1.8 x .80

  • Rear Laser Transceiver: 6.0 x 1.0 x .65


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