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Werner T7408 - 8 Foot Stepladder

Werner T7408 - 8 Foot Stepladder



Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-C450 Radar/Laser Detector With Fully Integrated Radar/Laser Scrambler

Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-C450 Radar/Laser Detector With Fully Integrated Radar/Laser Scrambler
Manufacturer's Code:RMRC450

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The new RMR-C450 is one of the newest and best radar and laser detector scrambler with voice alerts available. It will visually and audibly notify you of police radar and laser guns attempting to read your vehicles speed. The RMR-C450 will also scramble all radar and laser signals from a police radar or laser gun, making it virtually impossible for police to read your vehicles speed. The RMR-C450 state-of-the-art radar and laser detector will cover your vehicle a full 360° while the radar & laser jamming portion will cover the front of your vehicle 180° for unbeatable protection. The RMR-C450 is a passive device and completely legal in all states except California, Nebraska, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Virginia and Washington D.C (certain restrictions may apply in certain states - check with your local authorities). The manufacturer is so confident in the RMR-C450 effectiveness, they have included free with your purchase, a one year ticket rebate program which will pay any ticket you receive for one full year (some restrictions apply).

  Radar/Laser detector with fully integrated Radar/Laser scrambler
  Micro-Scan for maximum detection against Instant-On & POP radar
  Smart-Scan for faster detection & lower falsing
  ALT Adaptive Laser Tracking for better laser performance
  Voice Alerts with Intelli-Voice keeps your eyes on the road
  Detects & scrambles all radar bands (X, K, Ka, SuperWide, Pulse, Instant-On)
  Detects & scrambles all lidar guns (LTI 20-20, Pro-Laser, Laser-Lyte, Stalker)
  Automatic internal scrambler test
  360° laser detection
  Detects Safety Alert & Safety Warning System
  VG-2/VG-3 undetectable
  Selectable VG-2 detection
  Selectable alert tones, last setting memory, selectable voice alerts in English or Spanish
  Signal strength, Mute, Dim, City/Highway functions
  Windshield mounting bracket & power cord
  3-year warranty, 1-year ticket rebate program


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