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DMI FTSIMP1 - Sports Simpson's Foosball

DMI FTSIMP1 - Sports Simpson's Foosball



Monster MPB 2100 Home Theatre Powerbar with Clean Power Stage 2 v2.0

Monster MPB 2100 Home Theatre Powerbar with Clean Power Stage 2 v2.0
Manufacturer's Code:MPB2100

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For Hookup of Electronic Components to AC Power Providing Monster Clean Power™ v2.0, Surge Protection and High Current for AC Power Lines and multiple DBS or Cable TV Coax Sources.You Need to Protect Your Components from Unstable AC Power.The power condition in the U.S. is unstable. The AC power that runs your home theater is constantly in a state of flux. Sometimes there's too much voltage, sometimes not enough. Power can become so unstable that you can actually see it happening, like when the lights in your house suddenly begin flickering. during the worst case scenario, when your equipment turns back on, a power spike can be 200-300 volts.

Your expensive electronic home theater components are extremely sensitive to ANY increase in voltage, and can be severely damaged or destroyed by these unseen fluctuations in power. And, when it comes to surge protection, remember, IT'S ALL OR NOTHING... every possible pathway for surges (including coax and phone lines) must be protected.

Monster POWERBARS™ Provide Maximum Protection The Monster Power Home Theatre POWERBAR™ 2100 is equipped with fast-acting, high capacity Multiple SurgeGuard™ Circuitry which instantly detects any voltage surge or spike and immediately suppresses it BEFORE it can even reach your components. Plus, we've designed the POWERBAR 2100 with 3 sets of coaxial connections and 1 pair of phone jacks, so you can hook up your satellite receiver, cable box or HDTV antenna for total home theater system protection. BEST of all, unlike other surge protectors, Monster's ultra low loss RF circuitry provides maximum protection with virtually NO SIGNAL LOSS.

Dual LED bars indicate voltage available and current draw.
Ultra-high current outlet for power-hungry home theater devices.
Monster Clean Power™ Stage 2 v2.0 application-specific filters.
$300,000 guaranteed connected equipment protection and product warranty.
Protects coax lines used with cable TV and DBS equipment from surge pulses.
8 ft. Monster® PowerLine® 200 cable with high current capacity.
Includes Monster Internet® Cable and SV1F-1M coax cable with 24k gold contact connectors.
Switched and unswitched outlets.
2775 joule rating provides highest level of surge absorption.
Side entry design and wall-mounting bracket eliminate cable clutter.
Remote turn-on capable for Custom Installations.


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