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Crosley CR48-OA Decorative Turntable (Oak)

Crosley CR48-OA Decorative Turntable (Oak)



Numark X2 Professional Hybrid Turntable and MP3 CD Player

Numark X2 Professional Hybrid Turntable and MP3 CD Player
Manufacturer's Code:X2

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Considering all the attention-grabbing features on this muscular hybrid turntable, make sure that you don't overlook its most important asset: a slot-load CD player, with MP3 capability. Fear not, though, because once you start using the X2, you won't forget all of the great attributes packed into this unit.

Numark's X2 benefits from the industry's highest torque direct-drive motor, which provides the long-term stability and durability that professionals demand. Featuring adjustable pitch control for both 33 and 45 RPM vinyl records, this exceptional turntable employs an ultra-precise aluminum tonearm with cue, height, and anti-skate adjustments, and utilizes Numark's patented interchangeable straight or S-shaped tonearm. The X2 is specifically designed for long-term dependable operation with its 12-inch anti-drag aluminum platter and solid core construction (which minimizes vibrations and unwanted noise).

The X2s CD player features full MP3 play capability, as well as the ability to scratch, loop and modify CD pitch control. And since CD and turntable can be played simultaneously, this double-threat unit represents a bridge between the comfort and control of vinyl and the expansive capabilities of digital music output.


  • Ultra high torque (4.5 kg·cm) direct drive motor
  • Full size 12 inch aluminum platter and slipmat - 12 inch vinyl record with spindle locking
  • Numark spindle with vinyl interlock record for CD control (Patent Pending)
  • ±6, 12, 25 and 100% pitch control (motor limited to -80% for vinyl) (DSP limited to +50% for MP3)
  • 33 and 45 RPM, with adjustable start and brake speeds
  • Forward/reverse toggle with Bleep (bleep CD only)
  • Fader/remote start and relay play functions (relay CD only)
  • User-upgradable through Internet downloads
  • Line output, through illuminated output bay
  • Detachable power and audio connections
  • Play CD and turntable at the same time
  • 3 stereo outputs including dedicated phono, dedicated CD and switched CD/turntable output
  • Full MP3 capability, including anti-shock, scratching, looping and pitch control functions
  • Key lock at any tempo up to ±100%
  • Seamless looping, and 2 hot stutter starts
  • Built-in Beatkeeper automatic CD beat calculation
  • 3,000 cue point memory
  • Anti-Shock buffer technology
  • Sleep mode


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