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Bazooka SM8AHP 150 Watts 8 Inch Marine Series MOSFET Amplified Subwoofer Tube

Bazooka SM8AHP 150 Watts 8 Inch Marine Series MOSFET Amplified Subwoofer Tube



AFG Horizon 3.0 AR Recumbent Bike

AFG Horizon 3.0 AR Recumbent Bike
Manufacturer's Code:3.0 AR

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We approached the AFG exercise bike with a simple goal in mind: results. But we also realized that not everyone would settle for achieving those results from the same vantage point. So we're offering you a choice - a comfortable recumbent frame that's easy to enter and use, or an exclusive hybrid frame that combines the efficiency of an upright bike with the support and easy access of a recumbent. Two smart frame designs that take the traditional exercise bike to the next level, so you can focus less on how you're riding, and more on why. The 3.0 AR compromises nothing. Simple operation, advanced features, and a smooth ride give you a health club-quality workout at home.

The 3.0 AR uses our heaviest flywheel. The heavier the flywheel, the smoother the pedaling motion.
The smooth and quiet magnetic brake offers 20 levels of resistance so it's easy to change the intensity of your workout. FreeSPIN technology lets you coast instead of fighting the flywheel when it's time to stop.
Choose the program that meets your needs from 8 options: manual, intervals, weight loss, rolling hills, constant watts, spinning, random or custom.AFG Exclusive Features
Our exercise bikes use magnetic brake resistance - the same featured on commercial units - with a wide range of resistance settings for more exercise options. And because it's more durable than other braking systems, we can offer better warranties.
All AFG exercise bikes are made with substantial commercial-style frames that don't tip or shake like lesser machines. Both recumbent and hybrid designs feature easily accessible step-through frames. Just get on and ride.
This exclusive technology allows the heavy-duty flywheel to spin independent of the pedals. So you can coast safely after you stop pedaling, eliminating the jarring stops that can place undue stress on your joints.



1 - 20 (Programmable)


23 lbs




10x14 red LED dot-matrix, 2 4-digit LEDs, 2 3-digit LEDs


Manual, Intervals, Weight Loss, Rolling Hills, Constant Watts, Spinning, Random, Custom












3 years


1 year




300 lbs


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