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Humminbird XT 9 DB 74 T Transom Mount Transducer

Humminbird XT 9 DB 74 T Transom Mount Transducer



Humminbird XT 9 DB 74 T Transom Mount Transducer

Humminbird XT 9 DB 74 T Transom Mount Transducer
Manufacturer's Code:7101931

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The Humminbird XT 9 DB 74 T Transom Mount Transducer is a transducer designed to mount on the transom, or back, of the boat, in contact with the surface of the water, and operate in conjunction with a compatible Humminbird sonar or fish finder system. This unit is a high-speed, single and dual-beam transducer that utilizes a 20-degree, 200 kHz beam and/or a 74-degree, 50 kHz beam, with a built-in temperature sensor. The XT 9 DB 74 T features a 20-foot cable, and all the necessary hardware to get up and running right away. The Humminbird XT 9 DB 74 T transducer is specifically designed for use with Humminbird's 931C DF, 937C DF and 937C DF2. This item is backed by Humminbird's one-year limited warranty.


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Product Features

  • High-speed transducer for mounting on the back of the boat, in contact with water
  • Single and dual-beam transducer, with 20-degree, 200 kHz beam and/or 74-degree, 50 kHz beam
  • Includes temperature sensor, and all necessary hardware
  • Compatible with Humminbird's 931C DF, 937C DF and 937C DF2 sonar systems
  • Backed by manufacturer's one-year limited warranty

Technical Details

  • Model Number: 7101931
  • Mount type: Transom mount
  • Transducer standard: Single beam / dual beam
  • Frequency: 200 kHz / 50 kHz
  • Coverage: 20 degrees, 74 degrees
  • Temperature sensor: Yes
  • Compatibility: 931C DF/937C DF/937C DF2 fishing systems